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My name is Shun Brooks, I am the creator of the Bee4oReal Blog and brand. The Bee4oReal brand is an offshoot of a belief system that is very simple, it’s all about keeping it real with yourself and never being afraid to stand on your own apart from the crowd.

I am a 41-year-old Black American husband of a beautiful wife of twenty years and father of four. I work professionally as a Senior CAD Designer in Houston’s famous Energy Corridor. Most importantly, I am a born-again Christian. I consider myself conservative based on my ideology and how I choose to live my life and guide my family. I was raised conservative, but not necessarily raised “to be” a conservative.
I felt the need to create a platform where I could post articles, and other varieties of media to discuss topics that many are afraid to touch, since the world has changed from what I once knew it to be growing up. I noticed that it’s no longer popular to be a Conservative Christian, especially in the Trump era. More so, it’s extremely unpopular to be a Black Christian Conservative in America. While we may be a small group publicly, it is my belief that there are more of us than we are proud to admit. This is where the whole idea of being brave enough to stand firm in a world where your friends, family and associates may shun you for essentially straying from the pack.

I am a strong supporter of free speech and I am firmly against today’s Politically Correct culture. Our modern world makes it extremely difficult for people of different beliefs to have simple common-sense discussions that may be beneficial to both parties. Attempts at discussions often end up in name calling, and irreparable relationships which is sad in my opinion. Running from discussions back to your own safe corner, actually does more damage and often leaves open wounds without ever reaching a sensible conclusion. Many say it’s not a good idea to discuss politics and religion, but I think differently. While I may believe in a particular set of values, I am open minded enough to hear what others think without taking it too personally. So, I created a safe space for people like myself to have discussions, all while welcoming the thoughts of those who may not walk as I do in this game of life.

My slogan is “NEVER AFRAID TO BE DIFFERENT”, but it’s more of never being afraid to discuss our differences. At the end of the day, we don’t have to agree but we shouldn’t often find ourselves constantly being offended and hating one another based on those differences, even if we refuse to accept each other’s lifestyles or ideologies. There are many things that I refuse to accept, but I’m always willing to listen.

Come for the Blog, stay for the comments. Bee4oReal with yourself and express as you wish.

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