The Corona Virus (COVID-19) Pandemic has impacted our world in unimaginable ways this first half of the year 2020. Americans are facing the unknown, especially Millennials and Generation X’ers who’ve never experienced such an economic impact due to pandemic, war, or acts of terrorism on American soil. What’s taking place in our country is unprecedented. As expected, panic has ensued triggered by news and social media uproars, as well as the spread of a mixture of true and false statements.

Our world as we know it in this, The Greatest country on this side of Heaven has been turned upside down. Our current normal has left many Americans with the feeling of impending Apocalyptic doom. Some of us only venture outside of our neighborhoods for essential supplies and food, all while following the “suggested” protocol of personal protection. While N95 face masks are all the rage for many, some of us have taken an extreme approach to PPE, including utility belts equipped with Lysol cans, Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer. You may even run across someone with goggles, sneeze guards and gas masks reminiscent of a person taking a stroll through Chernobyl. The good thing is, as serious as this matter is, its possible to find a way to take it all in stride and apply a colorful pop of humor to our now extreme mundane existence.


The Million-dollar question…IS THERE A SILVER LINING IN ALL OF THIS?

Well, I’m glad you asked. To put it simply, there’s not only a silver lining but an outright bounty of blessing from God. It’s all about perspective. Now for those who are not believers in Jesus Christs, these are perilous times ripe with fear and anguish. If you fall into that category, you’re probably calling me crazy right about now (that is) if you’ve made it this far without clicking that little X in the top right-hand corner of your browser. For those crazy folks like myself or those who just may be glutton for punishment…buckle up.

Nothing but Joy, Peace, Happy faces, Rainbows and Lollipops from here on. Ugggghhhhh…happiness, right?

Let’s look at a few of these silver linings shall we:


FAMILY TIME – This one is obvious right. For those of us fortunate enough to have a family at home, this time away from our worldly norms can be a great thing. God is blessing us with time to reconnect. Family has been put on the back-burner due to the daily hustle and bustle of life as working Americans. Even though we work hard to provide for our families, we tend to strive for more opportunities to make more money as much as we can stand at times. Many of us (myself included) tend to mercilessly leap at the opportunity to add an extra 10-20 hours onto our 40 hour work weeks, only to have Uncle Sam take away a bigger chunk of our paychecks that we’ve worked so hard to get. While it’s a noble thing to want to provide for our small flocks, we must ask ourselves when is enough… enough? God is blessing us all with the opportunity to see what we may have been missing, even if only for a short time. Family time is very important and extremely valuable and impact the lives of our most impressionable aged children.

PROJECTS – Not that multi-story building in the urban jungles of the U.S., I’m speaking more of that honey-do list that “HONEY” (you) has justifiably ignored for weeks, months, or maybe even years for some of us. Now is the time to clean out those gutters, paint that room, or assemble that bookshelf that you got from IKEA 2 months ago. Yeah, you saw those pieces and those vague instructions and told yourself…Not Today. Well, the good news is that day has finally arrived and fortunately God has removed all excuses for us. Ooooohhhweeee…. ANOTHER BLESSING! So in the words of that Cable Guy named Larry…. “Get Er’ Dun”!

EXERCISE – As I continue writing, I’m finding some practice as you preach type elements in this article. I had to include this one of pure accountability. The blessing of time to get up everyday at some point and take a nice leisurely stroll around the neighborhood, a vigorous run, a few sets of push-ups or even setting up an extreme obstacle course in our back yards to stay (or get) fit during this blessed hiatus of normal daily schedules. Could there be any more silver a lining? We can finally cancel that gym membership we don’t use anyway and find creative ways to stay active even under quarantine. Remember, its all about perspective.

IDOLS – Not American or Golden Calves, but considering Idols, we American people have more than our fair share. Why is this on the list? Well for many this particular item may be insignificant, but for a lot of us this is MAJOR. Us West-Worlders take ourselves very seriously. We live in a “ME FIRST” society where winning is our everyday goal. Now there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of selfish ambition, but the selfie nature is deeper than a front facing photo in the right light with the perfect filter…taken 800 times until we get that perfect shot to show the world that even if only in our own minds we’re winners. We’ve become our own Idols. Hair studios and barber shops have been temporarily shut down all over the place, nail salons are on hiatus as well tanning salons and your favorite spas. Most importantly, even if we had retained these entities that we religiously attend on a weekly basis for our beautification, there is literally no where to go. No professional sports games, no concerts, no festivals or county fairs, rodeos, restaurants, malls, theme parks, movie theaters, zoos, museums, etc. Where are we gonna go that we must get beautified for? Is this a reality check type of blessing? Something to consider.

RELIGION – No matter which direction you may swing on the religious pendulum, a great deal of the American people who consider themselves religious may also confess they are not practicing or consistent in their practices. Silver lining, well of course. What better time do we all have to get back in touch with God. The opportunity to wake up each day, give God praises and open our bibles to study his perfect word as we learn how to apply his word to our lives. God has temporarily removed our Idols that we have put before him, and he’s given us an opportunity to let him back into our lives. This is a Golden lining in my opinion. In the absence of the chances to assemble as a church body, we still have the build up our spiritual databases by downloading his word into our minds and spirits every day. The real blessing here is by doing this, we can remove any worry or anxiety that we may be experiencing due to the current Pandemic that has plagued our worlds, and learn to put our trust in the Creator of all things.

With our current state of affairs, it’s easy for us to lose sight of the good things that are going on around us. I can’t remember how long its been since I’ve witnessed families in their front yards each day participating in fun activities, or just sitting in their lawn chairs enjoying the breeze and waving at every car that passes by. Some neighborhoods even participate in impromptu parades of cars, bicycles, pets and golf carts, just to get out and enjoy the simple things again. Wow, another blessing, another opportunity and yet one more chance to enjoy quality time with those we love and the one who made it all possible. ♦



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